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Eden Fruit


Red Passion


One of the most delicious late spring fruits on the palate.
Ready for marketing towards the end of May, they are mostly intended for the domestic market and packaged in dedicated types of packaging.

Varieties: Grace Star, Sweet Heart, Kordia, Regina and others in experimentation.


Ideal fruit for summer days: refreshing, rich in fructose and water, a reserve of liquids for our body.
During the long marketing period, they are used especially in the domestic and European markets.

Varieties: Nectarines: Big Top, Ali Top, Orion, Nectarain, Nectariane and Sweet Lady.

Peaches: Vista Rich and Rome Star.

The solution to have more energy in a healthy way, an ideal fruit to give sprint to our days.
Different in color and shape, they are also distinguished in flavor: the Angeleno plum with a yellow pulp, juicy, more or less sweet and pleasantly acidulous; The Santa Clara plum with a tapered shape, excellent for fresh consumption and for the preparation of jams.

Plums Angeleno
Plum Santa Clara

Fruit low in calories and rich in nutritional and beneficial properties for the body. It is suitable for fresh consumption and industrial use.

Varieties: Williams, Abate Fetel, Conference, Decana Del Comizio.


Con una grande variabilità dio caratteristiche e gusti differenti le mele spaziano dalle varietà più dolci e adatte al consumo fresco nel periodo estivo come galaval e snicored, alle varietà buone da cucinare come Golden e Opal fino ad arrivare alle mele per uso industriale come Dalinette e Morgendouft. Fiore all’ occhiello, la mela Story inored per le sue caratteristiche organolettiche e di lunga conservabilità

Varietà: Galaval, Snicored, Golden, Smeralda, Opal, Dalinette, Morgendouft, Story inored.

Kiwi Green Light
Kiwi Hayward

Contains vitamin C and many fibers and is an excellent diuretic and purifying solution, reducing the absorption of cholesterol.
One of the leading products of the Eden Fruit cooperative, coming not only from neighboring farms but also from Veneto and Lazio. Its marketing reaches overseas.

More delicate than Hayward, it has a smooth skin and a yellow pulp; the taste on the palate is pleasantly sweet-sour which makes it particularly interesting.

Kiwi Soreli

New entry of Eden Fruit, which became part of the Kiwi Passion consortium and has its own plants with the possibility of packaging fruit.

Red passion is a fruit with an intense yellow pulp color with a red heart, the predominant feature of the fruit is its very sweet taste reminiscent of an exotic fruit.


Vitamin C value is greater than other similar fruits

Red Passion