Our fruits

Our company offers a wide selection of organic and conventional fruit.
We are able to meet the needs of every market segment, guaranteeing both the high quality of organic and the efficiency and convenience of conventional fruit.
Our certifications attest to the origin, sustainability and high quality standard of our products to guarantee customers a clear and unimpeachable provenance.


A fruit rich in vitamin C and lots of fibre, the kiwi is an excellent diuretic and purifying solution, which reduces cholesterol absorption.
One of the leading products of the EdenFruit cooperative, it comes not only from neighbouring farms, but also from Veneto and Lazio as well as Greece. The varieties we produce:
Its marketing reaches as far as overseas.

Kiwi Red Passion

A new addition to the Eden Fruit range, which has joined the Kiwi Passion consortium and has its own facilities with the ability to package fruit.
The Red Passion is a fruit with an intense, yellow flesh colour and a red heart. The fruit’s main characteristic is its very sweet taste reminiscent of an exotic fruit.
Vitamin C value is higher than in other similar fruits.


With a great variability of different characteristics and tastes, apples range from sweeter varieties suitable for fresh consumption in the summertime such as galaval and snicored, to varieties good for cooking such as Golden and Opal, to apples for industrial use such as Dalinette and Morgendouft.
The varieties we produce:


The solution for more energy in a healthy way, an ideal fruit to give our days a boost.
Different in colour and shape, they also differ in taste: the Angeleno plum with its yellow flesh, juicy, more or less sweet and pleasantly sour; the Santa Clara plum with its tapered shape, excellent for fresh consumption and for making jams.
The varieties we produce:


deal fruit for summer days: refreshing, rich in fructose and water, a reserve of liquids for our organism.
During the extensive marketing period, they are used especially in the domestic and European markets.
The varieties we produce:
Conventional nectarines (no BIO):

Conventional and BIO nectarines:


Nectarines, with their smooth, velvety skin, are a fruit similar to peaches but with a distinctive, refreshing flavour. They have a crispier texture and a slightly more acidic flavour. They provide a tasty and surprising experience, different from traditional peaches while retaining their nutritional characteristics.
The varieties we produce
Conventional nectarines (no BIO):

Conventional and BIO nectarines:


The apricot, with its juicy, sweet flesh, is an irresistible fruit. With vitamins and antioxidants, it is a healthy option for a balanced diet. This fruit is chosen for its freshness and natural energy. a delicious fruit that can be enjoyed at any time of day and reflects its seasonal characteristics.
The varieties we produce:


A fruit low in calories and rich in nutritive and beneficial properties for the body.
It is suitable for fresh consumption and industrial use.
The varieties we produce:


Blueberries are small, sweet and juicy fruits, rich in antioxidants and vitamins.
With their intense colour and fresh flavour, they are a healthy delicacy.
Fresh blueberries are a versatile option for enjoying their delicious taste and health benefits.
The varieties we produce:


One of the most palatable late spring fruits.
Ready for marketing towards the end of May, they are mostly destined for the domestic market and packed in dedicated types of packaging.
The varieties we produce: